BATCH B-grade Laptops

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We have large quantities of laptops available for sale! In addition to our batches of laptops (100/500 units), it is now also possible to purchase smaller quantities of laptops. The minimum order for our laptops is 3 pieces. You can make your own selection out of 500+ laptops! We have a wide selection of processors, brands and generations!

Every laptop is tested through our POWER ON test. This means that we test the motherboard to see if it functions. After the test, the laptops are prepared for sale and equipped with 2-4GB of memory.
We have a wide choice of brands and models, from Core i3 i5 i7 to dual cores.

The laptops are delivered without charger and without warranty. In addition, you must install Windows yourself.

Our laptops are available starting from €35,- each.

In addition to laptops, you can also contact us for:
– Laptop chargers
– Phones and more.

Collection and viewing possible in our warehouse.
For questions you can email or send a WhatsApp.

Direct contact for any questions