Import Export Trader supports charities

Through the generation of residual values from surplus and current hardware components, Import Export Trader can support charities. And we like to do this! Amongst others we are proud sponsor and partner of Stichting Leergeld.


Leergeld focuses on preventing social exclusion of children from families with minimal financial resources, by getting these children to participate in school and extracurricular activities.

To get children to participate with their peers, Leergeld applies a special method: the Leergeld formula. The Leergeld formula is an essential part of our way of working. Would you like to read more about this formula and the vision of Stichting Leergeld? Then click here.


In the Netherlands, more than 8% of all children live in poverty, i.e. 1 in 12 children. For financial reasons, these children cannot participate in activities that their peers take for granted. Because Import Export Trader believes it is very important that children are not left on the sidelines, but can enjoy their childhood, we support Stichting Leergeld. They make sure that children can, for example, go to an amusement park for a day and play sports at their local sports club. Furthermore, Import Export Trader also finds it important that children grow in social interaction, knowledge and the development of skills.

Would you like to read more about this formula and the vision of Stichting Leergeld?